How much are the houses?
Prices are currently set depending on size, layout and the condition of the building. Prices range from $60 000 to $130 000 plus transport and installation.

Can we view the homes?
As the suburb of Eaton is not public land, viewing of the houses in their current location is not possible. Once the buildings have been relocated to our holding yards they will be available for viewing by appointment only. Please check the website regularly to review what house galleries have been updated with photos.

Where can the houses be relocated to?
We can relocate the houses to anywhere in Australia, or even overseas if required. The only issue to be considered is planning and building permit requirements. As it stands the building can be relocated R and RL zoned properties in the NT with minimal issues in accordance with the NT Building Act and Regulations.

When will the houses become available?
The houses will be removed one at a time. They will be made available at this stage from June 2013, but this may change pending approval from various government departments i.e. Defence, Transport, Police etc. The project will take up to 3 years overall, as there many houses to relocate.

Do I need a building permit to install one of these houses on my property?
If the building is to be located within the Building control zone then you will definitely need a building permit. Areas outside the building control zone such as remote locations, stations, etc. should check with local authorities however generally a building permit would not be required.

How old are the houses?
These houses were built progressively for Department of Defence from the early 70s through to 1993.

What materials are used?
The buildings are fabricated from timber frames, cladding and gyprock etc. consistent with the many houses built in Darwin throughout that period. Finishes vary depending on the building era.

Are these homes coded?
Generally Department of Defence did not “code” these houses. They did however undertake the construction to quite often more stringent requirements than houses generally built in the same time period including meeting the cyclonic standards at the time. The house installation process includes an engineering confirmation of the Wind Code requirements

Who can buy these houses from Northern Transportables?
Anyone can buy these houses. They are available for sale to developers, private purchases, businesses etc.

What size and layouts are the houses?
The sizes (dimensions) vary. The houses available primarily are 3 x bedrooms 1x bathroom however there are also limited numbers of 4 bedroom 2 bathroom houses. As we progress it is anticipated that basic layout plans will be uploaded to the house galleries.

What if I buy the building only, and wish to organise my own transport, permits and footings to be installed?
Northern Transportables is happy to have the client perform these tasks by their own licensed contractors as they wish. However anything to be completed under a Northern Transportables building permit will need to be completed by Northern Transportables

What would need to be installed on my property to take the building?
We will be able to provide engineered footing plans for each house type. There is no requirement for the houses to be reinstalled as an elevated house. You may wish to consider installing them at a reduced height. If elevating the home care must be taken to ensure a level area with sufficient room for truck movements to enable maximum installation height.

Will the houses look the same as the photos on the website?
Northern Transportables will be cataloguing information about the homes and placing details on the website prior to the houses being relocated to the holding yards. The utmost care will be taken with the buildings to ensure no damage is caused to the building inside and out. However, we cannot guarantee items within the building will stay as they are meant to. I.e. tiles to bathrooms may come loose or pop off due to movement in the building. Northern Transportables will not be liable for rectifying these circumstances.

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Eaton House movements

June 25, 2015June 25, 2015
Another House that's been reinstalled. This one has been delivered and stumped in the Katherine area. If you're interested in getting one of these houses for yourself don't hesitate to get in touch.

Display unit

June 25, 2015
Northern Transportables currently has a two bedroom display unit available for viewing at its Lilwall Road Fabrication Facility. The display unit showcases a number of finishes and fitout options. Drop in anytime between 8am and 5pm to view what could be on your block in just a short couple of weeks from contract signature to install.

Eaton Open House

June 25, 2015
Northern Transportables would like to advise that there will be an open house held in one of the buildings recently relocated from the RAAF Base. The house is located at 107 Marjerrison Drive Humpty Doo and will be open for viewing from 12-2pm on July the 5th.